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Shock! Horror!

While camping in Arizona in August 2002, Elisabetta was bitten by what was most likely some insect. This resulted in large blisters that stayed around for quite a while.

It started when she felt an itch on her ankle, and saw what appeared to be a group of small mosquito bites on her ankle. It is perhaps worth noting that she discovered a tiny spider in the tent that morning; this may or may not have anything to do with it.

Within about two days, the spots started to swell and we decided to take pictures. Throughout the entire period (up to and including the present), there has been no pain, only a slowly diminishing itch.

Our physician told us that it was most likely an (unidentified) insect bite (multiple bites?) to which she has an allergical reaction. He prescribed a homeopathic remedy named "Apis" (1 pill a day for three days).

Eventually, the largest blister literally fell off (I have no pictures of this event, but I can tell you the scene did not improve my appetite). The itch was gone. The other (smaller) blisters changed colour (shifting to red) and consistency (less "watery", more dense). After a while, these healed as well.

The following pictures are a history of "the ugly thing", taken over a period of one week. Click on each picture to enlarge it (if you dare!).

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