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sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell

Steven makes music!

... Well, sort of. I've cobbled together the following:

Title Date Format Duration Size Comments
[download] Sleep 17/06/2004 MP3 00:03:39 1.7 MB A lullaby
[download] Blue (Light) 17/06/2004 MP3 00:01:40 796 KB This'll wake you up and have you running away
[download] The Long Dark (Mr.) T Time 11/05/2006 MP3 00:00:32 513 KB A work in progress.

And, yes, I sing out of tune. Deal with it!


  • Ibanez AS80 guitar
  • Zoom PS-04
  • Cheap Karaoke mike
  • Pentium 4 PC with Fedora Linux

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